Your satch, your style! Discover our wide range of new prints, new colours and new trendy accessories. Your favourite style is just a few clicks away. What are you waiting for?

satch pack

Are you ready to swap? The satch pack is not only a real organizational talent, but also an absolute eye-catcher thanks to the exchangeable SWAPS!


Pencil Slider

UP-SLIDE DOWN! With the trendy Pencil Slider from satch, you not only have everything under control, but also everything at a glance!

Drinking Bottles

Thirsty for more? Grab your satch sports drinking bottle and turn it upside down!


Colour wins! With the limited COLOURFUL MIND Edition from satch, you bring colour into the classroom and make a strong statement for more diversity at your school! Be creative and show your colours by changing the SWAPS on the front!