From pen, brush and paper to the satch print

Have you ever wondered where the remarkable satch prints come from? A pinch of creativity, a good handful of passion and a spoonful of courage helps us to think outside the box. But do we stick to one receipe? No way! Freestyling and spontaneous crossovers are more our taste. We like to be inspired by the flora & fauna or by the latest sneaker trends. Many satch prints are hand drawn and painted by our design team.

Creative Process - Step by Step

The latest print and product ideas are created in our Cologne design office. We would like to share with you the story of how the satch print is developed.

Stormy Brains - Let's brainstorm
A new print always starts with an idea. Without inspiration we have nothing. Our designers are often inspired by magazines or Instagram but life itself offers much more inspiration ... and every designer sees the world differently. One person could be inspired by their colleague's favorite sneakers, while someone else could find inspiration from be a wild flower in their garden. Letters from satch fans can also lead to a new print. The more designers, the more ideas!
Pin the Print - From individual elements to a whole
After the designer has collected photos, printed screenshots, magazine clippings and materials, a moodboard is created. Each individual element is pinned to the board. This creates a "mood" for a style or for a complete collection. The moodboard is complemented by color palettes.
Scribble time - With pen and paper
Now it's time for pen and paper! Elements, colors and moods are transferred to paper from the moodboard. Sometimes precise geometric forms are drawn with a fineliner or the disigners experiment with watercolors. Different colour combinations and elements are tried and rejected until a perfect print is created. The designers also discuss among themselves and with other colleagues because input and exchange is always welcomed!
Digitalise it - Digital perfection
If the designer is satisfied with the drawn print, then the next step is to digitize it. With special software the print starts its digital life. The designers finish off the print's colours, shapes, size scales and special effects on the computer. In addition, the product is literally brought to life by a simulation. This allows the designer to imagine how the print will look in real life.
Handmade - The product gets paint
From an idea, to paper and then to the factory. The digital print is printed by our partners in Vietnam on materials made of 100% recycled PET bottles. Afterwards, the print is sent to the designer, who evaluates the overall work of art. The colours, zippers, buckles etc are also checked and if the designer is happy, a new style is born.
The satch backpack designers
team satch kathrin
The artist
Team Immi
The tinkerer and hobbyist
team satch wenke
The art agent
team satch kaya
The architect
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