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Retro Mint Set
Retro Honey Set
Jurassic Jungle
Colourful Mind
Dreamy Mosaic
Night Vision
Candy Clouds
Cool Down
Fire Up
Betty Grey Set
Purple Laser
Collected Grey
Mountain Grid
Vivid Blue
Blue Tech
Green Supreme
Pink Supreme
Pink Phantom
Fire Phantom
Mint Phantom
Ninja Matrix
Lazy Daisy
Toxic Yellow
Urban Journey
Funky Friday
Club Red
Red White
Blue White
Green White
Purple Galaxy
Stranger Signs
Mono Olive
Stripe Blue
Stripe Green
Confetti Blue
School Rebel
Mono Yellow
Neon Pink
Skandi Brown
True College
Club Blue
Rose Rebel
Urban Grey
Mono Dark Blue
Happy Faces
Juicy Melon
Mono Coral
Braided Rose
Mono Lime
Future Is Now
What's Up
Juicy Orange
Hook Light Blue
Hook Rose
Mono Red
Funky Safari
Glossy Rose
Glossy Mint
Neon Orange
Mono Rose
Neon Green
Stripe Rose
Braided Pink
Blue Rebel
Juicy Kiwi
BF Light Purple
Reflective Petrol
Reflective Violet
Reflective Purple
Sprinkle Mint
Peace & Love
Reflective Blue
Sunny Swirl
Reflective Black
Mono Mint
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Mystic Nights


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Mystic Nights

Delivery Time 3-5 business days

Shipping throughout Europe

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Product details
30 x 45 x 22 cm (W/H/D)
1200 g
30 liter

Each and every satch product is REACH-conform, validiting its chemical safety. Furthermore, being a certified partner of bluesign®️, our products are made of textiles that were produced consciously and environmentally friendly.

With the objective to further improve working conditions within our production facilities worldwide, we are a member of the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION (FWF).


Inspired by mountaineering, designed for school: The satch back system ensures that the backpack’s weight on the shoulders is shifted to the more stable pelvic area. Moreover, the ergonomic design allows for precise fitting, matching any height from 1.40 m to 1.80 m.

icon / medium / plus

Anatomically shaped shoulder straps very comfortable

icon / medium / plus

aluminium rails stabilizing · ergonomic

icon / medium / plus

strong hip belt weight shift to the pelvic area · removable

icon / medium / plus

back padding ergonomically shaped · breathable

icon / medium / plus

chest strap height adjustable · removable

  • shoulder straps anatomically shaped · comfortable
  • aluminium rails stabilizing · ergonomic
  • strong hip belt weight shift to the pelvic area · removable
  • back padding ergonomically shaped · breathable
  • chest strap height adjustable · removable


Organization & Features
  • 2 main compartments
  • Stay on top of things – with the satch organizer
  • Expandable outside pockets on both sides
  • the front straps store anything you’d like to additionally take with you
  • reflectors all-around
  • headphone outlet as smart feature
icon / medium / plus

Stay on top of things – with the satch organizer

icon / medium / plus

headphone outlet as smart feature

icon / medium / plus

2 main compartments

icon / medium / plus

expandable side pocket

icon / medium / plus

the front straps store anything you’d like to additionally take with you

icon / medium / plus

reflectors all-around