Bondi Beach

Limited Edition

Life is a beach.

Hey Mate!
Here comes the collection that will bring the Australian summer directly to your house. White sand, turquoise blue ocean and the perfect wave: Yours for the taking – with the Bondi Beach Limited Edition!
The satch “Black Reef” stands for the mysteriousness of both Australian water and land. The satch “Betty Blue” combines the blue of the ocean with a trendy leaf print. Snap hooks and cords turn the front side of both models into real eye-catchers.

* Limited quantity

Your satch Black Reef

Jump onto your board and into the fun. No matter how high the waves are, you take them all as they come. The “Black Reef” is for everyone who loves their freedom and follows their heart. The deep black of the backpack is as mysterious as you are. Its cords make it as casual as you, while the snap hooks make a strong statement.

Your satch Betty Blue

The ocean is yours. Grab the perfect wave and show what you’ve got! Your satch “Betty Blue” is waiting on the beach for you and is always with you when school or leisure time call. The blue has captured the color of the ocean. Casual drawstrings in delicate rosé, attached to a snap hook, provide cool contrasts.
Get your daily dose of Vitamin Sea!

Matching accessories

The Bondi Beach look isn’t just found on the satch pack, but also on the matching sports bag and pencil box design. Time to hit the road with these styles: Bondi Beach, sea you soon!

* Limited quantity