The COLLECTED GREY edition is not only made of PET recycled fabrics, but also from various fabric scraps from our production. The result: Our most sustainable product to date with an iconic melange look that varies from style to style.

All the styles from the Collected Grey Edition are made of 60% innovative E Zero yarn - and this is how it works:

Fabric leftovers from our production are shredded into tiny fibre shreds.

The fibre shreds are separated and processed into cotton wadding.

The tough E ZERO yarn is spun from the cotton wadding.

The new fabric for our Collected Grey Edition is woven from recycled yarn.

Collected Grey

All Collected Grey styles not only fulfil the strict environmental criteria and safety requirements of bluesign®️ and are therefore considered bluesign®️ products, but are also certified with the officially recognised seal "Green Button", which identifies textiles produced in a socially and ecologically sustainable way. For example, we use an innovative BLOOM foam – a foam that consists of algae extract – which is processed in the shoulder and hip belt.