Meshy Limited Edition 2.0

Discover the Meshy Limited Edition 2.0! While our Mermaid Meshy in dark turquoise blue guides your mind straight to the sparkling water of the Pacific Ocean, our Onyx Meshy Style in all-black reminds of endless beaches of black volcanic rocks in the paradise of Tahiti.

Cozy Edition
Comfy. Casual. Cool.

Inspired by hoodie lovers, the Cozy Edition stands out thanks to its special jersey-look. The collection comes in two styles and matching accessories.

Hype Edition 3.0
Streetwear Fashion

All cool things come in threes. The newest HYPE edition comes in satchKNIT material, with a 3D logo stitching and blue metallic hooks.

Ninja Bermuda
The extra eye-catcher

Visually unique! The satch Ninja Bermuda glows in the dark when light shines on it and it's all-over-reflective triangle print is very impressive.

Graffiti Style
Unique Streetart

Hand-sprayed by our popular graffiti artists and only available on a limited basis within the satch online shop.