satch specials

From knitted textures to reflecting prints – the satch specials got it all!

OUTER SPACE Limited Edition The limited Outer Space Edition knows no limits. The »Supernova« is bursting with energy and looks like a powerful stellar explosion. The »Blue Moon« mirrors the awesome coolness of the moon. Both styles are eye-catching, thanks to their layered and knitted texture. They are also a little bit out of this world: special, organic, unique.
NINJA SPECIAL Special Edition The extra eye-catcher: The Ninja Special Edition is visibly special. The all-over reflective print glows in the dark when you shine a light on it. Whether »Ninja Bermuda« or »Ninja Hibiscus« – these styles will dazzle both boys and girls!
MESHY 2.0 Limited Edition Discover the Meshy Limited Edition 2.0! While our Mermaid Meshy in dark turquoise blue guides your mind straight to the sparkling water of the Pacific Ocean, our Onyx Meshy Style in all-black reminds of endless beaches of black volcanic rocks in the paradise of Tahiti.
GRAFFITI STYLES Streetart Designs Hand-sprayed by our popular graffiti artists and only available on a limited basis. Whether a smiley, cupcake or skateboard - our spray designs are always hip/ up-to-date and are real eye-catchers! Exclusively available in the official satch online shop.