With the SWAPS, everyone can individualize their satch pack! Suitable for all satch packs which are ready to swap!
Collected Grey
Mountain Grid
Vivid Blue
Blue Tech
Green Supreme
Pink Supreme
Pink Phantom
Fire Phantom
Geo Storm
Mystic Nights
Ninja Matrix
Lazy Daisy
Summer Soul
Toxic Yellow
Mint Phantom
Urban Journey
Deep Dimension
Bloomy Breeze
Happy Confetti
Funky Friday
Endless Bloom
Endless Light
Be Brave
Cool Down
Fire Up
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Mono Rose
Confetti Blue
Whats Up
Reflective Purple
Mono Olive
Mono Lime
Stripe Blue
Stripe Rose
Stripe Green
Future Is Now
Reflective Violet
Mono Red
Mono Mint
Red White
Blue White
Urban Grey
Bf Light Purple
Braided Rose
Hook Light Blue
Skandi Brown
Hook Black
Reflective Petrol
Braided Pink
Hook Rose
Neon Green
Reflective Blue
Mono Dark Blue
Green White
Glossy Mint
Reflective Black
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Ergonomics & Functions

satch takes the weight off the back and grows with you

When you combine function and design, you get a satch. Want to bet? Our ergonomic concept shifts the weight to your pelvis, so that your back is protected. Reflectors all around ensure greater visibility, and thanks to tough materials, your satch will keep up with you!


Ergonomics Concept

Inspired by mountaineering, designed for school:

The satch ergonomic design, which evolved from mountain climbing, has revolutionized the school backpack market and has become the standard in the industry. satch combines design and functionality in a unique way, always with the goal of making you comfortable on the go with your style. Our load-carrying system consists of 3 components:

1) Your-Size-System
2) Anatomical shaping
3) Weight shifting concept


1) Adjustable back length
Precise adjustment from 1.40 m - 1.80 m. To ensure an optimal fit for the ergonomic back panel.

2) Height adjustable chest strap
To stabilize the backpack and relieve the pressure on the shoulders. The shoulder straps remain in the perfect position. Adjustable height and length.


Anatomical shaping

3) Padded shoulder straps
Anatomically shaped for comfortable wear.

4) Breathable back padding
Intelligent construction of the back panel for optimal ventilation.

5) Aluminum back rail
Reinforces the anatomical shape of the back panel and gives the backpack stability.


Weight shifting concept

6) Individual compartments
For storing heavy books securely and close to the back and distributing the weight along the body.

7) Load control straps
For adjusting the weight on the shoulders and increased stability.

8) Pull-forward Hip belt
Shifts the weight to the pelvic area. Adjustable.



Rugged & durable

No matter how tough the school day gets for it: Your satch backpack consists of water-repellent materials, a robustly designed bottom and reinforced interior panels. So your satch will stay strong and put up with a lot – promise!

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For greater visibility

Every satch is a designer piece that really stands out in the dark: with reflectors on the front, sides, shoulder straps and hip belt.

Exactly your format

Packing & adapting correctly

No matter how tough the school day gets for it: Your satch backpack consists of water-repellent materials, a robustly designed bottom and reinforced interior panels. So your satch will stay strong and put up with a lot – promise!

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An excellent idea

A perfect fit for you

Awesome! The Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR) has taken a close look at our ergonomic design of match, pack and sleek and certified it as an ""ergonomic product"". Based on certain applicable standards, the institute's testing determines the degree of adaptation of a product to the physical characteristics of the test persons. Our models met the institute's standards and are now allowed to bear the IGR seal of approval.

But that's not all! In 2020 we won the IGR Innovation Award with our ergonomic design, and we are extremely proud to offer a first-class ergonomic solution for the backs of students.

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