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Come to a satch Spray Day

Important note

Dear Spray Day fan! Our Spray Days take place under the hygiene and behavioural regulations specified for the retail trade. Please check directly with your retailer about planned Spray Day events. You can find the next Spray Day event near you on our map below!

Make your satch unique!

The satch Spray Days event series that no one wants to miss! Professional graffiti artists transform your satch products into absolutely unique pieces - and you are there live.

Whether it's a football, a peace sign or a smiley face - you can express your individual style by choosing your spray motif. Our sprayers have a huge selection of motif templates for you to choose from.

Choose your motif and make your satch unique. IT'S UP TO YOU!


Let yourself be inspired and click on the respective sprayer to see their example motifs.

satch-sprayer-BIATSCH Dennis Kruggel
Dennis Kruggel
satch-sprayer-KIRK Dirk Schmidt
Dirk Schmidt
sat sprayday sprayer profilbild Abe Janis-Hoeck
Janis Höck
satch-sprayer-ATEONE Oliver Brachlow
Oliver Brachlow
satch-sprayer-DAVIS Oliver Nebel
Oliver Nebel
satch-sprayer-SIR21 Thorsten Schuh V01
SIR 21
Thorsten Schuh
satch-sprayer-VEDAT Vedat Hopoglu
Vedat Hopoglu
satch-sprayer-WOLF Wolfgang Hold
Wolfgang Hold
Here's how it works:

Over 500 dates in one year - the satch Spray Days are a true phenomenon: you simply have to experience it!

Secure your spray appointment!

Arrange your personal spray slot with your dealer before the popular event!

Your satch product

Choose your satch product! Please note that only one satch product per person will be sprayed and not every special artwork can be realised.

Choose your motif!

Our sprayers have a huge selection of motifs to inspire you. Choose your graffiti and let's go!

Have you already bought a satch product?

As a rule, goods purchased elsewhere are not sprayed. Please check with your dealer before Spray Day whether this is possible.

Find your Spray Day event!

Just enter your postcode and find the next Spray Day event near you! near you! Let's go!

Discover even more motifs

Check out more sprayed products from our Spray Day events and get inspired:

Sprayday Backpack Skyline
Sprayday Backpack Eifelturm Abzieher
Sprayday Backpack Eifelturm fertig
Sprayday Backpack Butterfly Spraying
Sprayday Backpack Butterfly drawing
Sprayday Backpack Butterfly finished