With the SWAPS, everyone can individualize their satch pack! Suitable for all satch packs which are ready to swap!
Collected Grey
Mountain Grid
Vivid Blue
Blue Tech
Green Supreme
Pink Supreme
Pink Phantom
Fire Phantom
Geo Storm
Mystic Nights
Ninja Matrix
Lazy Daisy
Summer Soul
Toxic Yellow
Mint Phantom
Urban Journey
Deep Dimension
Bloomy Breeze
Happy Confetti
Funky Friday
Endless Bloom
Endless Light
Be Brave
Cool Down
Fire Up
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Mono Rose
Confetti Blue
Whats Up
Reflective Purple
Mono Olive
Mono Lime
Stripe Blue
Stripe Rose
Stripe Green
Future Is Now
Reflective Violet
Mono Red
Mono Mint
Red White
Blue White
Urban Grey
Bf Light Purple
Braided Rose
Hook Light Blue
Skandi Brown
Hook Black
Reflective Petrol
Braided Pink
Hook Rose
Neon Green
Reflective Blue
Mono Dark Blue
Green White
Glossy Mint
Reflective Black
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Los geht's

No other like yours!

Come to satch Spray Day!

Please note!

Dear Spray Day Fan! Due to the current restrictions of the stationary retail trade, Spray Days are only under special conditions and hygienic measures possible. Please inform yourself directly at your retailer about Spray Day events that are planned. We also try to regularly update the schedule below.

Everyone is talking about it:

The satch Spray Days 2020 - the event series nobody wants to miss! Professional graffiti artists will transform your satch products into absolutely unique pieces - and you'll be there live. Simply click on "To the dates" and find out when the next Spray Day will take place near you:

satch-sprayer-BIATSCH Dennis Kruggel
Dennis Kruggel
satch-sprayer-KIRK Dirk Schmidt
Dirk Schmidt
sat sprayday sprayer profilbild Abe Janis-Hoeck
Janis Höck
satch-sprayer-ATEONE Oliver Brachlow
Oliver Brachlow
satch-sprayer-DAVIS Oliver Nebel
Oliver Nebel
satch-sprayer-SIR21 Thorsten Schuh V01
SIR 21
Thorsten Schuh
satch-sprayer-VEDAT Vedat Hopoglu
Vedat Hopoglu
satch-sprayer-WOLF Wolfgang Hold
Wolfgang Hold

And that's how it works:

More than 500 dates in one year - the satch Spray Days are a true phenomenon: You just have to experience it!

To ensure that you have one of the much sought-after time slots, make sure you check with your local dealer in good time before the event to find out whether there still is an open timeslot for you or how the timeslots are allocated because the events are so popular and many Spray Days are already fully booked before the event starts.

Please understand that due to the many fans, only one satch product per person can be sprayed - and not every special work of art can be realized. Just check this with our people at the event.

In case you want to spray on an already purchased satch product, please contact your local retailer before the event to find out if this is possible. Because satch products bought elsewhere are usually not being sprayed.

Do you already want to know what awaits you? No problem! Click here for the Sneak Peek Video, which gives you a little insight into the work of our sprayers:

All satch Spray Day dates