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Collected Grey
Mountain Grid
Vivid Blue
Blue Tech
Green Supreme
Pink Supreme
Pink Phantom
Fire Phantom
Geo Storm
Mystic Nights
Ninja Matrix
Lazy Daisy
Summer Soul
Toxic Yellow
Mint Phantom
Urban Journey
Deep Dimension
Bloomy Breeze
Happy Confetti
Funky Friday
Cool Down
Fire Up
Endless Bloom
Endless Light
Be Brave
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Mono Rose
Confetti Blue
Whats Up
Reflective Purple
Mono Olive
Mono Lime
Stripe Blue
Stripe Rose
Stripe Green
Future Is Now
Reflective Violet
Mono Red
Mono Mint
Red White
Blue White
Urban Grey
Bf Light Purple
Braided Pink
Braided Rose
Hook Light Blue
Neon Green
Skandi Brown
Hook Black
Reflective Petrol
Glossy Mint
Hook Rose
Green White
Reflective Blue
Mono Dark Blue
Reflective Black
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Los geht's


For people and the environment

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Recycle, reduce & reuse

Our bags are made of materials that consist of up to 100% recycled PET bottles. Plastic waste can therefore be reused, conserving our natural resources.

Sound incredible? Just watch the video and discover how a satch product evolves from used PET bottles.

What's inside

Since 2011 we have put over 110 million used PET bottles (0.5 l) to new use. Would you like to know how many recycled PET bottles are in your satch product? Simply click through our slider and find out!


Saving resources

Making our fabrics from recycled PET materials saves significantly more resources compared to making polyester fabrics derived from crude oil. PET recycling is twice as good: Plastic waste finds a new use and fossil fuels are saved.

saves significantly more resources compared to making polyester…fossil fuels

Our savings

Here you can learn how many resources we have already been able to save since 2011:


Fair Wear Foundation

Everyone counts

With the objective to further improve working conditions within our production facilities worldwide, we are a member of the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION (FWF).

We are proud to have achieved Fair Wear Leader Status in 2019 and to be among the few companies that have been awarded the organization's best possible status.


Together with FWF we have set ourselves the goal of continuing to improve working conditions in the textile industry. The FWF regularly checks the working conditions in our sewing rooms as well as grades our own efforts to improve working conditions in our supply chain.


With our leader status membership, we commit ourselves and our suppliers to adhere to a strict Code of conduct, the „Code of Labour Practices“.

The Code provides for the following standards:

  1. Employment is freely chosen
  2. There is no discrimination in employment
  3. No exploitation of child labour
  4. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  5. Payment of a living wage
  6. Reasonable hours of work
  7. Safe and healthy working conditions
  8. Legally binding working relationship

Reasonable hours of work


Safe and healthy working conditions


bluesign®️ system partner

A good conscience is paradise

As a bluesign®️ sytem partner, we pay attention to an envirnomentally friendly production starting with the beginning of our value creation. Many of our fabric and material producers as well as their suppliers of raw materials and chemicals are also bluesign®️ system partners. Together we want to keep the impact on people and nature as low as possible when we produce our products.


bluesign®️ defines strict rules for production. Dying our fabrics in particular requires that we pay special attention to only using very specific chemicals. In addition, bluesign®️ checks that the chemicals used are completely filtered out so that they cannot get into the environment unregulated.


In addition, all bluesign® system partners commit themselves to the following five principles:


Resource productivity


Occupational safety


Water protection


Emission control


Consumer protection


Grüner Knopf

A German state seal

At satch, we always strive to manufacture our products in an environmentally friendly way. Most of our accessories are already certified with the Green Button: The Green Button identifies textiles produced in a socially and ecologically sustainable way.

GIZ Gruener-Knopf Logo Produkte RGB



Endless Possibilities

White sand, turquoise water, bright sunshine - a dream for anyone who loves the sea. It's not for nothing that we have dedicated our own satch design to the incomparable Bondi Beach. And we go one step further: Our BONDI BEACH REVIVAL EDITION is made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon. What's special about it: Old fishing nets are part of the nylon, which is made from 100% waste.


PFC free coating

For the environment

Each and every satch product is REACH-confirmed, validiting its chemical safety. Since 2019, the waterproof coating of our products is PFC-free.

Why have we decided against PFC coatings? So-called PFC chemicals are suspected to cause cancer and are not biodegradable. They have been detected in the water, ground, and air. That is reason enough for us to exclude them from our production process and to take one more successful step toward protecting the environment.


Responsible corporate management has been a top priority for us since our founding in 2010. For our commitment, we were awarded the German Sustainability Prize in 2016. However, that is no reason to rest on our laurels and not become still better! Go for the good feeling of satch. IT'S UP TO YOU