What exactly do we mean by responsible corporate management? The increasing awareness about the impact of our actions, motivates us to improve in all the segments of our company.

Consciously produced

  • Use of up-cycled materials to save non-renewable resources
  • Use of hand-picked materials with bluesign® certification for chemical safety
  • Members of the independent FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION which aims to improve working conditions in the textile and clothing industry
  • Maintain personal and long-term relationships with our suppliers
  • Regular auditing of our production sites by external auditors and personal visits
  • Continuous safety checks on product components by accredited test laboratories
From bottle to bag

For our satch backpacks and accessories we process fabrics that are 100% made from recycled PET bottles. So that plastic waste finds a new purpose which reduces the consumption of natural, non-renewable resources.

1. PET bottles are collected & sorted

The empty PET plastic bottles are collected and taken to a recycling plant. Once there, the clear bottles are selected to undergo recycling.

2. The bottles are crushed & washed

The bottles are crushed into PET flakes. These are then washed in a water bath.

3. Pellets are made

The PET flakes are melted down and mixed thoroughly. The hot mass is then formed into thick fibers that are cut into 3 mm pellets.

4. The thread is spun

The pellets are melted again, drawn into long fibers and spun into thread. The finished thread is wound onto spools and transported to the weaving mill.

5. The fabric is woven & printed

Weaving The thread is placed in sophisticated weaving machines and woven into white lengths of fabric.

Printing Patterns are then printed onto the lengths of fabric and both sides are coated to make the fabric water-repellent.

6. The product made

Cutting The fabric is then cut into sewing patterns. These patterns are laid out so that the fabric is used efficiently. No usable fabric scraps are used for padding.

Sewing The pieces of fabric cut from the patterns are then used to sew our wonderful product.

Bring it on!

We have sporty lifestyles and face competition fearlessly. 'Fair play' is very important to us and always wins!

Pierre de Coubertin, the man who founded the modern day Olympic Games, said the following, 'The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part' and 'the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.'

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Our Quality team & CR team

The central question of our Quality & Corporate Responsibility team is "How can we make things better?" The four-headed crew works with rolled-up sleeves to make sure that our products are of good quality, sustainable and durably produced in a responsible way. Every year new objectives and plans of action are set to improve the cooperation with our suppliers and partners. The way we examine that our targets are achieved is by quality inspections, production visits, monitoring of the shipments by conducting samples and product testing by external accredited laboratories.

Team jessica
Quality Management
Team vanessa
Quality Management
Team Julian
Corporate Responsibility
team satch hannes
Corporate Responsibility

You want to know more?

It is part of our philosophy to look closely at the manufacturing conditions. Through personal visits and an increasing number of audits we make sure that the basic conditions at our production sites are constantly monitored. Find out more about our company production sites and our membership with the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION at FOND OF BAGS, our umbrella brand. Click here for the overview of suppliers.