satch specials

Visibly special:
Discover the satch special editions!


No Rules

Limited Edition

No Rules: The title says it all. But does it really? If you're expecting chaos, then you're going to be disappointed. Discover now our eco heroes and wear today the materials of tomorrow. No rules: different, new, better!


Solid Edition

Special Edition

It's about time to change perspective! Influenced by the transformations in 2020, we turned the style of the Solid Edition upside down. Brand new and completely different, the design still radiates stability.


Meshy Reloaded

Limited Edition

Welcome to Tokyo! Only here could a natural spectacle such as cherry blossoms blend in with a youth culture that comes alive in the bright neon lights of the mega-city. A unique symbiosis that we have recreated in a limited design!

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Carbon Black

Special Edition

Light, durable and full of power! The Carbon Black Special Edition has arrived, inspired by carbon, one of the world's most versatile and most robust materials. The extraordinary design features seat belt-style front straps, premium metal buckles and holographic zipper pulls, combined with a unique textured fabric.



Special Edition

The extra eye-catcher: The Ninja Special Edition is visibly special. The all-over reflective print glows in the dark when you shine a light on it. Whether »Ninja Bermuda« or »Ninja Hibiscus« – these styles will dazzle both boys and girls!


Graffiti Styles

Streetart Designs

Hand-sprayed by our popular graffiti artists and only available on a limited basis. Whether a smiley, cupcake or skateboard - our spray designs are always hip/ up-to-date and are real eye-catchers! Exclusively available in the official satch online shop.

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