Nordic by Nature

Minimalistic, timeless and completely on trend – Scandinavian style is characterized by a certain casualness and an eye for details.


Nordic Ice Blue

Inspired by the majestic glacier landscapes of Scandinavia: Our »Nordic Ice Blue« styles combine a timeless design that reveals all its sophistication at a second glance. Cool and detailed at the same time, typically Scandi!


Nordic Coral

As radiant as Scandinavia’s unique coral gardens: with its intense base tone, the satch pack »Nordic Coral« stands out from all other backpacks and draws many a stare!


Nordic Jade Green

Considerate, subtle and refreshing – the satch pack »Nordic Jade Green« is an absolute eye-catcher on anyone's back, without even needing wild patterns!


Nordic Blue

Unobtrusive, powerful and with surprising details – typically Scandinavian!


Nordic Grey

An unspoiled landscape stands still, frozen in time and space.